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I AM SANTA! - Ty Haile

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“More than a Christmas story, I Am Santa! is a tribute to families and the closeness fostered when parents are there for their children, allowing them to embrace their creativity. It’s about living not an ordinary day-to-day existence but a joyful, fabulous life where possibilities abound and the heart serves as compass. Kristy Haile clearly includes nuances from her own happy family life. Regardless of age, readers will be moved by a certain warmth and comfort in the author’s depictions of family life, complete with board game nights and friendly popcorn fights… See the entire review

Graciela Sholander, Independent Professional Book Reviewers 


“I Am Santa! is ideal for a stocking stuffer for all children this Christmas season.  The book has a light and loving flow to the maternal narration, as you can tell just how much Kristy Haile enjoyed keeping track of her son’s antidotes and writing the book.  Adaptation into a holiday movie would certainly be a fun evolution for this creative book, and given the true life story and theatrical accolades of her son, he might even be able to play “himself” – that is Santa, of course…See the entire review

Beth Adams, Pacific Book Review 


“Author Kristy Haile was brilliantly inspired by the imagination of her son when Ty believed that he was himself the new Santa Claus at the tender age of 2 1/2 years… The result is “I Am Santa!”, a fictionalized account that thoroughly engages the reader’s attention in a 343-page novel that is a heartfelt enjoyment and a pure pleasure read from first page to last. Especially recommended for pre-teens, parents, and anyone who has ever felt the wonder of the Christmas icon that is Santa Claus, Kristy Haile’s debut novel is superbly written in a conversational tone. Superbly crafted fiction from beginning to end…See the entire review



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