Thankful for

I AM SANTA Thankful For

Santa and sissy are on Hollywood Blvd. asking what people are thankful for! Family and friends are the favorite while some end up on the naughty list. Happy thanksgiving! This video isRead More…


I AM SANTA Hollywood Boulevard Help

Hollywood Blvd is a busy place and where you can find almost anything a tourist would want! But tourists are not the only people you will meet on this street. Santa andRead More…


I AM SANTA Playing at the Theater

Who said you need toys to have a good time? Santa has found his place to play and has it all to himself. It is all about exploring your imagination or justRead More…


I AM SANTA Down Hill Run

So what do you get when you have a steep hill and your two feet? A really fast run! Santa and his sissy are at Pan Park when they challenged each otherRead More…


I AM SANTA Skateboard Ride

Santa has a hill and a lot of room so watch out here comes’ Santa and his sissy flying on his sleigh??? Wait that’s not a sleigh that’s a skateboard!!! This shortRead More…


I AM SANTA Rain Dance

Who can pass up a childhood pass time? Santa and sissy didn’t, they went head strong into a rainy day and enjoyed there dance and play! As we continue our countdown, weRead More…


I AM SANTA Hanging Around

Today is about upper body strength and Santa is put to the challenge to hang from the rings of the swings set. Santa tries his best but quickly learns how difficult itRead More…


I AM SANTA Balancing Act

So Santa has been missing while Ty has been filming on the TV show House. But Ty has returned to his Santa duties and answered this letter which we title Balancing Act!Read More…


I AM SANTA Outtakes

Does Santa ever mess up during his filming? Of course he does and these are some of our favorites! To learn more go to http://iamsantabook.com


I AM SANTA Operation

If you need an operation, Santa is trying to hone in his skills as he operates on his board game, Shrek Operation. Watch as our little Santa single handedly removes pieces fromRead More…