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Press Release!

New Book I AM SANTA! Explores a Little Boy’s Struggle to
Turn Non-believers into Believers in his Santa-hood

On October 1, 2010, Happy Bean Publishing releases the paperback version of Kristy Haile’s novel I AM SANTA!, which tells of people’s reactions to a four-year-old boy’s declaration that he is the new real Santa Claus and to his decision to wear his Santa suit all year long. Already available on e-book from and, this novel is based on the unusual true adventures of the author’s young son Ty Haile.

In I AM SANTA!, a four-year-old boy named Nicholas meets a sick old man in a shopping mall who says he is Santa Claus. After some conversation, the man tells Nicholas that he will be the new real Santa. Nicholas persuades his mother to buy him a Santa suit, which he wears all year long, describing to his family his late-night trips to the North Pole.

Some people react negatively to Nicholas, while others ask him what he will bring them for Christmas; still others tell him and his mom that seeing such a jolly little Santa makes their day. His mother decides to support him and let him wear the suit all year, because she wants him to be free to dream and to believe he can be anything he wants to be.

Sterling Studio CEO Constance Tillotson calls I AM SANTA! “a fantastic book that captures and engages the lost art of imagination. The sublime messages will touch and inspire all who read it.”

Dr. Lane Crawford says, “I AM SANTA! brought back my own childhood memories of Christmas. It brings to the forefront how important a child’s imagination really is—and illustrates how the views of others can hinder a child’s exploration of his or her imagination.”

Jesus Segura of Hilmar, CA declares, “I couldn’t stop reading I AM SANTA! As a new parent, I found it fascinating and funny to see how this child grew into his own person.”

“Although this book is fictional, it is based on our family’s actual experiences,” Haile explains. “Over time, my husband came to better understand our son and how important his imagination is. Early on, I had focused a lot on my daughter, but this Santa experience got me to pay more attention to my son. It was a journey for the entire family, resulting in better understanding and appreciation of each other.

“After we moved to Los Angeles and both children became actors on TV, in movies and in commercials, we all learned to focus on the positive things in life and not on the negative ones. The kids learned to concentrate on being the best they could be—rather than trying to better someone else. Those choices are also dramatized in I AM SANTA!”

About Author Kristy Haile
Californian Kristy Haile earned an Associate’s degree in Dental Hygiene from Northeastern University in Boston and then worked as a hygienist in Massachusetts and California. She moved from her hometown of Turlock, CA to Los Angeles, where her two children became actors on TV (The Office, Criminal Minds, Desperate Housewives), movies (Chihuahua: The Movie) and in commercials. At age 4, son Ty came to believe he was Santa Claus. Haile kept a journal of the funny and unusual things her son said and did over the next two years, as well as of people’s reactions to his self-identification as the “new real Santa Claus.” That journal was the basis for this book.

I Am Santa
343-page paperback and e-book, both $9.99; Happy Bean Publishing
ISBN numbers 978-0-98270-43-1-8 (paperback) and 987-0-9827-043-2-5 (e-book). The hardcover, out in 2011, will have ISBN number 987-0-98270-43-0-1
Available at Barnes & Noble ( and; e-book available at


Media Contact:
Charlie Barrett, The Barrett Company Communications, Los Angeles, CA

Desperate Housewives TV set

Ty was able to make day two of filming of the Halloween scene at Universal Studios, Wisteria Lane. That’s right Desperate Housewives! Ty got to wear his Santa Suit, which I write about in I AM SANTA on the Desperate Housewives set and filmed a trick or treat scene with the famous cast.

He was fantastic on set with his red suit. Of course he was in character of a haunted Santa for this scene with his face painted into the resemblance of a skull. It was fun to see him playing around and playing with the other actors. I can’t wait for the Halloween episode to air this October and for you to see Ty in character.

The Books Are Here!

I AM SANTA! is officially selling on the website So if you want a copy and can’t make the book signings, buy your copy before September 20th and Kristy Haile can sign it before it gets shipped out! It is free shipping if you buy 5 books or more, so if you are looking for Christmas gifts and this is something you would be willing to give, what perfect opportunity to buy!

On Set!

Desperate Housewives fans, listen to this. I recently found myself sitting on Wisteria Lane, on the set of ABC’s Desperate Housewives with my son Ty who is wearing his Santa Suit, which I talk about in I AM SANTA!  I always relish in opportunities like this and got a little (OK a lot) excited when I saw Marcia Cross walk past me. 

Adding to the excitement, my little Ty was prepared to film a Halloween scene and dressed to be a Santa ‘trick or treater’! Boy, was he in his element! He reminded me of Jack Skellington from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. It’s was so cute!