I Am Santa! Ebook

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I AM SANTA! Novel by Kristy Haile, Kobo, Nook, Kindle, EPub & many more book readers Download. This story is about the little boy who becomes Santa Claus. Nicolas is having trouble convincing people he has new found job as Santa Claus. (fiction novel)

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This fabulous, 343 page family fiction novel is based upon the imagination of Ty Haile. It is a read that any pre-teen to an adult will love. I AM SANTA, written by Kristy Haile, is being sold exclusively on this website and select stores.
This story is more than just a story about Santa Claus. Its about believing in your child. This book takes you on a journey through a little boys imagination as seen through his mother’s eyes. Struggling in a world of doubt, Nicholas continues to strive to turn non-believers into believers, most importantly his father.


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