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I AM SANTA Balancing Act

So Santa has been missing while Ty has been filming on the TV show House. But Ty has returned to his Santa duties and answered this letter which we title Balancing Act! Maybe a flat head might work? This short video is based off the character from the 343 page novel, I AM SANTA! To […]

I AM SANTA Balloon Stomp With Shoes

Santa and his sissy are doing the stomp with shoes, exploding big yellow balloons to the request of our YouTube friends. Sissy is wearing her Vans while Santa is sporting his cool shark tenny’s. What as the two have fun popping balloon’s wearing their shoes! This short video is based off the character from the […]

I AM SANTA The Falling Tower

Santa and his sissy are asked to show another game Santa likes to play. So here is to Molly, Santa and his sissy battle with balance and skill to see who can remove the most pieces without letting their wooden tower fall during their turn. This short video is based off the character from the […]


Santa and his sissy are looking to do something fun. When they looked at sissy’s bicycle and a skate board they had the perfect idea. Believing they may have found a new mode of transportation, they attempt to make it work. But Santa may have given up on this idea, what do you think? This […]

I AM SANTA Blowing Up a Beach Ball

So, your asked to blow up a beach ball and you realize it may be harder than you think when you are a little Santa! Thank goodness for big sissy! Watch as our little Santa struggles to blow this beach ball to its limits then Sissy and Santa try to do something even harder than […]

I AM SANTA Beach Ball Fun

Santa and his sissy love to make up things that are downright fun. Like todays countdown to 151 days until Christmas, Santa and his sissy find two beach balls and a park with a hill. The rest is just made up fun by the two of them. This short video is based off the character […]

Balloon Pop II

Santa had such a great time with the Balloon Pop video that he couldn’t wait to do another. Santa and his sissy are back in Santa’s room with the floor covered in balloons. Santa and his sissy sit and stomp to pop those balloons. Santa would also like to thank everyone gave suggestions and left […]

I AM SANTA Scary Snow Cave

Santa loves the snow, most of all he loves to play in it. But today playful day turned a little spooky when Santa discovers a snow cave, which he believes there may be a bear sleeping in it. You have to watch this to see what sent Santa in a high tail sprint away from […]