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I AM SANTA Outtakes

Does Santa ever mess up during his filming? Of course he does and these are some of our favorites! To learn more go to http://iamsantabook.com

I AM SANTA Fance Paint

Here is a request from one of our friend’s. Scott wants to know if Santa paints anything other than paper. Santa decided to draw a mural of himself on the backyard fence. Of course he got permission first! This short video is based off the character from the 343 page novel, I AM SANTA! To […]

I AM SANTA Human Bowling

Santa and sissy built some blocks to play a familiar carnival game. Just like the carnival, the difficulty of the game gives Santa a whole new idea, Human Bowling! Watch as Santa and sissy use themselves to knock down their blocks. This short video is based off the character from the 343 page novel, I […]

I AM SANTA Swing Time Fun

So it’s time to swing back and forth, around and around in this short time adventure with Santa. But there is a little twist on this one, which Santa calls it “the crazy ride.” Come enjoy this video requested by Vlad. This short video is based off the character from the 343 page novel, I […]

I AM SANTA Drinking Water

Some might say this is a strange request but Santa wanted to make it fun so to show a YouTube friend cool ways to drink water, Santa tries some unusual ways. From the norm to the polar opposite, Santa shows his ways of drinking water. What’s your cool ways? This short video is based off […]

I AM SANTA Beach Ball Fun

Santa and his sissy love to make up things that are downright fun. Like todays countdown to 151 days until Christmas, Santa and his sissy find two beach balls and a park with a hill. The rest is just made up fun by the two of them. This short video is based off the character […]

I AM SANTA Sissy’s Lemon

Our Santa did it first but now its sissy’s turn to eat the sour yellow citrus. On this 155 days until Christmas episode, Santa is asked to have his reluctant sissy try to eat the lemon. Sissy’s hesitation was so thick you could cut it with a knife! But in the end you can’t help […]

I AM SANTA Bucket Prank On a Hot Day

So its hot outside and you owe someone a prank in return so what would be your choice to do. Well sissy found herself doing the same thing. Then she realized she had the perfect plan. With a bucket full of water, a latter and a sign she set the plan into play to pay […]

I AM SANTA Suprise

Sneaky little Santa thinks he found a prank to pull on his sissy for the fun of it. Well why not do this one in July on a hot day like this one he thought. Before sissy knew what hit her, it was over! This short video is based off the character from the 343 […]

I AM SANTA Silly String Sissy

So what do you get when you have Santa, a can of silly string and an unexpected sissy? A funny video like this one! Sibling rivalry has not ended in this family and Santa and his sissy make it pretty clear. You’ll get a kick out of this video if you are in the mood […]