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I AM SANTA Hollywood Boulevard Help

Hollywood Blvd is a busy place and where you can find almost anything a tourist would want! But tourists are not the only people you will meet on this street. Santa and his sissy set out to find some hungry needy people on the streets of Hollywood Boulevard in his quest to change. This short […]

I AM SANTA Change Bandits

Helping someone in need is a goal Santa wants to show you once a week because that is what St Nicholas is all about. Today Santa wants all of us to help children in need even ones who are sick and have difficulty paying for their care. Santa found a program that helps called “Change […]

I AM SANTA A Cool Treat

On a hot day, Santa knows a way to cool down, by eating ice cream. Santa finds several unfortunate homeless people trying to stay cool in the shade. He and his sissy give them a sweet cold treat to try and beat the heat. This short video is based off the character from the 343 […]

I AM SANTA Balloons For Ben

Have you seen this person? His name is Ben Needham and he was abducted 20 years ago today. Even though large scale searches were conducted to find Ben, there has not been a trace of him since his abduction. Santa in helping a worldwide campaign, which flyers are sent to the air via helium balloons […]

I AM SANTA Tacos For The Needy

Santa loves to help the needy! As we know that is what Santa is all about. He gives toys to the less fortunate children and yes this Santa loves to give food to the less fortunate. In this short video Santa reaches out to a group of homeless and gives them tacos. This short video […]