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I AM SANTA Playing at the Theater

Who said you need toys to have a good time? Santa has found his place to play and has it all to himself. It is all about exploring your imagination or just running in a place you think is cool! It doesn’t take much to wipe the boredom away! This short video is based off […]

I AM SANTA Jumping High

Now it is time to show just how high the little guy can jump. One of our YouTube friends wants to know and Santa is willing to show you. He has picked several spots to display his ability to get a little air! This short video is based off the character from the 343 page […]

I AM SANTA Blowing Up a Beach Ball

So, your asked to blow up a beach ball and you realize it may be harder than you think when you are a little Santa! Thank goodness for big sissy! Watch as our little Santa struggles to blow this beach ball to its limits then Sissy and Santa try to do something even harder than […]

I AM SANTA Jump From the Top of a Slide

Jumping is fun but jumping from a slide? Well Santa had a blast doing it. With his sissy’s help Santa takes his daredevil to a new level. This short video is based off the character from the 343 page novel, I AM SANTA! To learn more go to http://iamsantabook.com

Balloon Pop II

Santa had such a great time with the Balloon Pop video that he couldn’t wait to do another. Santa and his sissy are back in Santa’s room with the floor covered in balloons. Santa and his sissy sit and stomp to pop those balloons. Santa would also like to thank everyone gave suggestions and left […]

I AM SANTA Playground Fun

School is out and outside activities are at play. Santa and his sissy are no different and love to play as much as the next kid. Today they found themselves at the park having a fun time chasing, hiding and falling. You name it they did it so have fun watching playground fun!  This short […]

I AM SANTA Free Fall

Santa says “I am a trained professional so please don’t try this at home.” Then Santa scales the steep incline of the stairs on the opposite side of the rail. Why? “Because it’s cool”, says Santa! Watch as Santa shows off his stunt to all! This short video is based off the character from the […]

I AM SANTA- Water Balloon Fight

Who hasn’t been in a water balloon fight? It is so much fun even Santa loves to get into the action. In this fun adventure, Santa fills up some water balloons and “lies in wait” for his sissy who didn’t really know what was going on but was suspicious to say the least. Watch this […]