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I AM SANTA Outtakes

Does Santa ever mess up during his filming? Of course he does and these are some of our favorites! To learn more go to http://iamsantabook.com

I AM SANTA Balloon People

Meet Bob and Max, they are balloon people. Santa came up with the idea to make balloon faces with helium balloons. Santa sissy create their new friends but sissy’s friend Max had to unexpectedly leave in a flash or should I say POP! This short video is based off the character from the 343 page […]

I AM SANTA Tacos For The Needy

Santa loves to help the needy! As we know that is what Santa is all about. He gives toys to the less fortunate children and yes this Santa loves to give food to the less fortunate. In this short video Santa reaches out to a group of homeless and gives them tacos. This short video […]

I AM SANTA In Trouble

We have reached 160 more days until Christmas and Santa has a fun activity he want to show you but you have to keep it a secret because his sissy doesn’t know what he is doing! Watch as Santa tres to get away with something a bit on the naughty side. This short video is […]