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I AM SANTA Outtakes

Does Santa ever mess up during his filming? Of course he does and these are some of our favorites! To learn more go to http://iamsantabook.com

I AM SANTA Big Balloon Pop Squeeze

Balloons are becoming one of Santa’s favorite pass times and thanks to David’s (aka dmolesevich) request Santa continues his popping series with big balloon squeeze and out does his sissy in this one! This short video is based off the character from the 343 page novel, I AM SANTA! To learn more go to http://iamsantabook.com

I AM SANTA Balloon Popping Using Your Mouth

A challenge for sissy almost landed her in trouble with Mimi but Santa and sissy came up with a solution to get this video done.  The challenge was for sissy to use her teeth to pop balloons but Mimi the dental hygienist, said no way! Come watch the solution! http://iamsantabook.com

I AM SANTA Balloon Pop

Remember the bed full of balloons? Well Santa needed to get rid of all those balloons so he and sissy did it the best they knew how. With a needle in hand, the two took out those balloons in no time at all and had a blast at the same time. This short video is […]